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Sunglasses are basically an aid to the eyes, and are used as a fashionable accessory. There is a huge variety of sunglass types and styles, but all of them have one particular common design or construction. Every sunglass will have the following 3 parts which make up a sunglass design – the lens, the frame and the nose bridge.

The Lens – this is probably the most important part of a sunglass design structure. Also, this is where the different styles come into the picture where the lens is made of different material, colours and shapes. The lens colour may differ due to a style requirement or for a particular purpose in eye protection as well. However, on a general basis, the most common lens colours used are grey, yellow, brown and green. These colours are preferred because they reduce the distortion of colour while viewing through them. For a low and medium lighting situation, red coloured sunglass designs are suggested as they enhance the contrast levels. Certain lens styles in the sunglass design are polarized, meaning they are made of a Polaroid plastic sheet. This helps in reducing the glare caused by the reflection of light rays.

Frames – frames are the 2nd integral part of a sunglass design. They are made of many materials, but the most popular are nylon, plastic, metal, or an alloy or two or more metals. For sporty sunglass designs, nylon frames are used as it is very flexible and lightweight too. Nylon frames don’t break on application of pressure, but instead bend a little and then regain their normal shape. Metal frames are rigid, but they can be held on to the nose bridge by fitting hinges on the back. The ear pieces are usually curved in order for the glasses to fit snugly over the eyes and not fall off.

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