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Sunglasses are an aid for the eyes, to protect them from the suns rays, from dust particles and are also used as a style statement. Sunglasses come in different types, with different shades and a variety of colours as well. There are a total of 9 most popular styles of sunglasses. They are: glacier style of sunglasses, shutter shades, faded or graduated style of sunglasses, teashades style of sunglasses, wayfarers style, aviator sunglasses, mirrorshades sunglasses, Onassis style of sunglasses, and the ever popular oversized sunglasses.

Glacier sunglasses – these are a style of sunglasses which have blinders made of leather on their sides, aiming to protect the eyes by blocking the rays of the sun. Their lenses are generally dark and rounded. They are used most often in adventures like mountain climbing.

Faded/graduated Lenses – the term is in reference to the fade-like feature when the suns rays are blocked from the face. This style of sunglasses has a unique advantage that it can be worn indoors as well, without fear of falling down or tripping onto something.

Teashades – these sunglasses were popularised by famous singer John Lennon. They have been described as a kind of psychedelic glasses that are worn mainly for an aesthetic satisfaction. The teashades were mainly in vogue due to rockstars and musicians, and this was during the 1960’s.

Wayfarers – this is said to be the most popular style of sunglasses which was launched by the Ray Ban group in the 1950’s. They are the best-selling sunglasses till date.

Aviators – this is another brand by the famed Ray Ban group, which is shaped like an oversize teardrop having thin frames. It was launched first in 1936, and became a craze especially with pilots of the time. Hence the name aviators.

Oversized – these look are literally as their name suggests, large sized. They were very fashionable in the 1980’s and were used mostly for humour on shows and events.


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