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Speaker Buying Tips

Speaker Buying Tips

Surround sound speakers add an extra dimension to the home theatre system and give an overall excellent viewing experience. The speakers, when strategically placed, can give you a feeling as though you are part of the scene with sounds coming from all around the room.

Here are few tips to buy surround sound speakers for your home theatre systems:

1.    Choosing Speakers and Subwoofers: All the speakers for surround sound have separate channels unlike the usual speakers. The subwoofers are the speakers that reproduce the low frequency signals. All the low frequency signals are caught by the subwoofer and amplified before reproducing it.
2.    Size of the Room: One has to keep in mind the dimensions of the room before choosing the speakers for surround sound. Depending on the space you have and the quality of sound you want, you can choose the right set of speakers.
3.    Choosing the Speaker Size: It is not considered a crime to mix different sized speakers to your home theatre system, but it advisable that one does so that there will be no miss-match of different electrical equipments. Sometimes it may result in poor sound quality. Also be careful in choosing the right size of surround speakers because if the sizes are different then the surround effect will definitely reduce and you can only blame yourself for it.
4.    Sound Formats: Surround sound speakers come in different format like Pro Logic II and Dolby Digital and most of the systems today support various sound formats like Dolby EX/DTS ES and the Dolby Digital/DTS. Nevertheless one must be aiming to get the quality of the sound that one wants to choose the right speaker as there are many brands to choose from in the market today. It is advisable to check the performance of the speakers under different sound equaliser settings like changing the bass, midrange and midrange settings.

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