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Night Sunglasses are types of visual aid which riders and drivers wear at night, in order to avoid the glare from headlights and other objects. Most drivers have this problem during night driving where streetlights and the like are reflected from the street surface & the windscreen, and cause problems in seeing the road ahead. More often than not, the glare from lights is a mere distraction to drivers, but sometimes, they tend to get dangerous when they prevent the driver from seeing clearly, and can even lead to major accidents. In such situations, night sunglasses come in very handy, as they secure the eyesight from such glares and make driving in the night easy.

In the monsoon season, there is more danger of light reflection as the wet conditions magnify the reflection many-fold. Here night sunglasses are very essential. When it comes to motorcycle riders, wearing of night sunglasses while riding is simply a must, because they are not even protected by the shelter of a car, and they are the ones who get the maximum impact of on-coming headlights. There are certain kinds of night sunglasses which can be used both during the day-time and night; these types of sunglasses are handy for motorcyclists.

Night sunglasses are a special kind of make, where the lenses are of a yellowish or amber colour, and they come coated with an anti-reflecting material. This yellowish hue is used for night sunglasses because it tends to lessen the blue light that our eyes transmit. These specialised night sunglasses can also be worn in the daytime, in conditions of fog and hazy weather.

However, most sources in the eye-ware industry speak against wearing of night sunglasses. They reason this with the fact that night sunglasses, while reducing the glare, also reduce the driver’s visibility.

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