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Defining a Good Customer Service

I know that everyone of us had a fair share on meeting a worst or a so-so customer service.  You could have called about a certain bill that you want to be fixed or maybe some explanation about why is your bill so high.

You might have called beause you want to know more about your bill but because of unfair treatment they get from their customer service representative, even the nicest customer can act irately.  They might have treated you in a rude way or maybe they can’t explain clearly why your bills were  that high and you need to spend hours on the phone just to figure it out.  The problem may be solved in the process but think of all the hassle that it has caused.

A good customer service serves as a turning point for the customer.  In what way?  The customer service representative is literally the representative of the company and one wrong behavior would make the customer stop doing business with the company.

Those who work in customer service should be level-headed enough to settle things with the clients because if they don’t, they might end up fighting with the clients and thus losing them.

Companies should keep in mind to have a good customer service so that clients would stay.  Yes, every one of us is different.  There are people who are easy to please and there are others who would give the agents a hard time.

Evethough these customers are hard to please, they will still continue doing business with you as long as your treat them well.  As long as your customer service representative is calm in explaining to your customers their concersn, surely, they will not leave your company because of the way you’ve trreated them.

Always keep in mind that your clients are the ones who bring money to your business so they deserve a better service for their money.  To keep these customers, many companies are doing intensive training for their representatives in handling different kinds of customers.

This is a good investment for the company because you will have a greater chance of retaining your clients.  Not just proper customer handling but also training on the products and how to explain things to them.  This will give the customers confidence to the company in terms of the reliable service that they are getting. Excellent customer service is the reason why a lot of people are staying with their providers and companies.

Article by Van T and read more about him here.

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